Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our Three New Kittens

The Hubster & I got three kitties yesterday! They are 3 months old & are just the sweetest, most playful things! It took us nearly two weeks but we FINALLY got kittens! Here's a 5 second video of them in all their cuteness:

First off, let me tell you it's taken me an inordinate amount of time to write this post because I keep getting pulled away by one of the kittens plaintively crying because they can't find the other two or the three of them running across my desk.

I wrote in my previous post about our cat Zipper's passing. Zipper was 18 years old & had some health issues. She was our first cat of three & when the other two passed away we decided to let Zipper live out her "Golden Years" as the only cat. However, we've always had animals & we always knew that once Zipper passed away, we would want to get a new cat.

Originally, we went to a couple of cat rescue organizations. First, we filled out the online application for one organization & because we indicated on the online application that we would allow our cats to go outside, we were deemed "not suitable patents". NOT SUITABLE PARENTS!! Now anyone who knows me KNOWS my cats are well loved & well taken care of. All my cats have been indoor/outdoor cats & I've never encountered a problem but the Cat Nazis (this is a reference to a Seinfeld episode. I'll send a nice gift to the first person who posts a comment & can tell me which one!) decided that allowing cats outside is VERBOTEN & turned us down.

So we went to the website of another rescue organization & picked out two cats that we thought we might like from some online pictures. They were one year old siblings from a litter of four who were born without eyelids & had reconstructive surgery. I called the place & asked them what their adoption process was. I explained what had happened at the other cat rescue place & the lady there informed me that most cat rescue organizations have a policy that adopted cats are to be kept indoors. She told me that the cats we wanted to adopt had been raised as indoor cats. I told her that if they came to live at our house & wanted to be indoor cats, that was fine with me. Whatever the cats wanted, they would have! I filled out the online application & was approved. We made an appointment to meet the cats but the night before, one of them got sick & needed to go the the vets the next morning. She said she would call me after the vet appointment.

Well, I didn't hear from her for 5 days! Then yesterday she calls me to see if we'd like to "visit" the cats. I asked if we'd be able to bring them home this weekend because we're going to my Mom & Dad's for 5 days at Thanksgiving & we wanted to get the cats comfortable in our home before we left. Well, this woman told me that she thought I was "moving too fast" & she thought it was best that we "just visit" this weekend & maybe, JUST MAYBE, we could bring the cats home in a week or two! I told her that was not acceptable as our heart were ready to love some cats NOW.

Coincidentally, on Friday night while Hubster was at dialysis he was telling his technician that we were looking to adopt a cat. She said that another patient was telling her earlier that night that he had 6 kittens up for adoption! Hubster talked to the guy & got his phone number (just in case). After our second adoption with a cat rescue organization fell through early yesterday, we called him & made arrangements to see the kittens. We ended up taking home THREE kittens!

Their names are Sugar (a female), Lucas & Bandit (both boys). They are SO CUTE! They follow me EVERYWHERE. Already we can see the differences in their personalities.

Sugar is the smallest cat & she's the loving-est of the three. She was the first to hop in my lap & the first to purr. She adores her brothers.

Lucas is small like Sugar & he's the playfull-est. He is very observant & looks like he's ready for trouble! He loves it when I move my hand under a blanket so he can attack the "blankie monster".

Bandit is the most aloof. He prefers to keep his distance & watch things from afar until he feels comfortable. He's very protective of his siblings & will follow them everywhere to make sure they are alright. He's sleeping sweetly in my lap as I write this.

We went to dinner last night & when we got home the three of them were sleeping together on the couch. We've watched them all eat, use the litter box & find the drinking fountain so it appears they are acclimating well. I'd forgotten how rambunctious kittens are until I tried to take pictures to post here! This is all I could get & I hesitate to take more as it seems the flash scares them.

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